Solution for Providers

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All-in-one online booking solution enabling real-time
management for trip and activity providers.

Sell more tickets

Accelerate your sales by accepting online bookings and payments from any device.

Supervise your business

Know your business inside out by getting the latest information on your performance.

Manage expansion

Remove the hassle and make growing your business a pleasant and streamlined experience.


Open your Unique Tourist Experience to the World

We help you join, present your inventory and reach global travelers directly - no middlemen, no clutter.

Through our advanced API you can connect to leading online travel agencies and increase revenue.

Get ready to welcome more visitors and improve your business performance.

Join Kapacity to bring your business to the next level.

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Managing Sales

- Manage your sales from one place
- Customer oriented solution
- Customize currency and payment methods
- Full support for any device and channel: e-shop widget, cashdesk, sales app
- Automatic validation app saves costs and prevents fraud


- Real-time information available to the whole network
- Clear reports deliver valuable insights about your business
- Manage your inventory in minutes
- Learn more about your customers and personalize
- manage your company from any place and any device


- find new distributors and expand your network
- manage multiple distribution channels effortlessly
- extend your technical capacity with our API
- join an established network from day one
track commisions without the middleman

Easy Process of Implementation

Online onboarding in only three steps!


Increase your revenues by enlarging your distribution network and unlock its true potential.